Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oracle Job Interview Questions Part-8

  1. Which ASP.NET configuration options are supported in the ASP.NET implementation on the shared web hosting platform?
    A: Many of the ASP.NET configuration options are not configurable at the site, application or subdirectory level on the shared hosting platform. Certain options can affect the security, performance and stability of the server and, therefore cannot be changed. The following settings are the only ones that can be changed in your site’s web.config file (s):
  2. Briefly describe the role of global.asax?
  3. How can u debug your .net application?
  4. How do u deploy your application?
  5. Where do we store our connection string in application?
  6. Various steps taken to optimize a web based application (caching, stored procedure etc.)
  7. How does ASP.NET framework maps client side events to Server side events.

  8. Security types in ASP/ASP.NET? Different Authentication modes?
  9. How .Net has implemented security for web applications?
  10. How to do Forms authentication in
  11. Explain authentication levels in .net ?
  12. Explain autherization levels in .net ?
  13. What is Role-Based security?
    A role is a named set of principals that have the same privileges with respect to security (such as a teller or a manager). A principal can be a member of one or more roles. Therefore, applications can use role membership to determine whether a principal is authorized to perform a requested action.
  14. How will you do windows authentication and what is the namespace? If a user is logged under integrated windows authentication mode, but he is still not able to logon, what might be the possible cause for this? In ASP.Net application how do you find the name of the logged in person under windows authentication?
  15. What are the different authentication modes in the .NET environment?
         timeout="30" path="/" >
            ="username" password="password"/>





Controls the default authentication mode for an application.


Specifies Windows authentication as the default authentication mode. Use this mode when using any form of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) authentication: Basic, Digest, Integrated Windows authentication (NTLM/Kerberos), or certificates.


Specifies ASP.NET forms-based authentication as the default authentication mode.


Specifies Microsoft Passport authentication as the default authentication mode.


Specifies no authentication. Only anonymous users are expected or applications can handle events to provide their own authentication.

  1. How do you specify whether your data should be passed as Query string and Forms (Mainly about POST and GET)
    Through attribute tag of form tag.
  2. What is the other method, other than GET and POST, in ASP.NET?
  3. What are validator? Name the Validation controls in How do u disable them? Will the validators run in server side or client side? How do you do Client-side validation in .Net? How to disable validator control by client side JavaScript?
    A set of server controls included with ASP.NET that test user input in HTML and Web server controls for programmer-defined requirements. Validation controls perform input checking in server code. If the user is working with a browser that supports DHTML, the validation controls can also perform validation ("EnableClientScript" property set to true/false) using client script.
    The following validation controls are available in
    RequiredFieldValidator Control, CompareValidator Control, RangeValidator Control, RegularExpressionValidator Control, CustomValidator Control, ValidationSummary Control.
  4. Which two properties are there on every validation control? ControlToValidate, ErrorMessage

How do you use css in
Within the section of an HTML document that will use these styles, add a link to this external CSS style sheet that
follows this form:

MyStyles.css is the name of your external CSS style sheet.

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