Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Loadrunner Interview Questions

What measure would you use to choose Web transactions for load testing?

For what reason are virtual users created?

Why it is suggested to insert verification checks to all your scenarios?

In what circumstances would you want to parameterize a text verification check?

Why do you require to parameterize fields in your virtual user script?

What are the reasons ?

What is the dissimilarity between Product-based Company and Projects-based Company? »

Product based corporation develops the applications for Global clients i.e. there is no exact clients. Here requirements are collected from market and examined with experts.
Project based corporation develops the applications for the particular customer. The requirements are collected from the customer and analyzed with the client.

Can we read and assign the content of a text file to a variable.

str = “”;
while( file_getline (file_name,line) ==0 )
str = str & line;
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What is load testing?

Load testing is to test that if the software works well with the loads that result from large number of concurrent users, transactions and to decide weather it can hold peak usage periods.

What is Performance testing?

What is the advantage of running the Vuser as thread?

VuGen offer the capability to use multithreading. This facilitates more Vusers (Virtual user) to be run per generator. If the Vuser is run as a process, the same driver program is laden into memory for each Vuser, thus taking up a huge amount of memory. This restrict the number of Vusers that can be run on a single machine/application

Explain relation in Response Time and Throughput?

The Throughput graph demonstrates the sum of data in bytes that the Vusers received from the server in a second. When we evaluate this with the transaction response time, we will observe that as throughput reduces, the response time also reduces. In the same way, the max out throughput and highest response time would happen approximately at the same.

How do you recognize the performance bottlenecks?

Performance Bottlenecks can be identified by using monitors. These monitors might be application server monitors, web server monitors, database server monitors and network monitors. They facilitate in exploring the concerned area in our scenario which causes amplified response time. The measurements made are usually performance response time, throughput, hits/sec, network delay graphs, etc.

How did you locate web server concerned issues? »

Using Web resource monitors we can discover the performance of web servers. Using these monitors we can examine throughput on the web server, amount of hits per second that happen during scenario, the number of http reactions per second, and the amount of downloaded pages per second.

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