Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Winrunner Interview Questions 1

1. What is WinRunner and for what type of testing it is used?
2. Can you carry out functionality testing using WinRunner?
3. WinRunner is appropriate for which kind of applications?
4. What are different the types of applications WinRunner can use?
5. What’s the WinRunner version number you used for your applications?
6. What are all the different sort of recordings accessible in WinRunner?
7. When […]

Database Functions

What is the use ofdb_check” function?
This function captures and evaluates data from a database.

Note that the checklist file (arg1) can be created only during record.
arg1 - checklist file.

What is the use of db_connect”

This function creates a new connection session with a database.
arg1 - the session name (string)
arg2 - a connection string
for example “DSN=SQLServer_Source;UID=SA;PWD=abc123″

What is the use of db_disconnect”
This function disconnects from the database and deletes the […

Do you suggest installing WinRunner and Silktest on the same computer?

First I will ask ideas to work with WinRunner and Silktest installed on the same machine. In the majority cases such setup would work fine, but unexpectedly a new difficulty may

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