Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Software Testing Interview Questions 5

1. What you mean by Win Registry and what is its purpose?
2. What is the command to call up Win Registry?
3. What is IIS?
4. What is XML?
5. Dissimilarity between WELL form XML and XML?
6. Automation Tools – Win-Runner
7. How can you carry out load and stress testing on a single ATM machine?
8. What are ACID properties?
9. What is replication? Tell various kinds of replications?
10. Write a sql query to get ‘Last Day’ of the last month.
11. How can you test a ‘calculator’?
12. How can you test a ‘Coke’ machine?
13. What are all Test deliverables?
14. What are the different components or folders which exist at ‘Regedit’ and What is all their purpose and usage?
15. Explain about ‘Web Server’, ‘Web Service’, IIS and security constraints?
16. What is ‘Log file’ in SQL Server?
17. What are the tuning techniques for SQL Server?
18. What is use of ‘Query Profiler?’
19. How can you guarantee when testing a ‘Form’ of saving data to db? Without having any SRS/client’s specifications.
20. Difference between Remoting and Web services and describe each in short.

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