Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Software Testing Interview Question 10

Q. Explain bug life cycle?
A: —

New: When tester reports a defect
Open: When developer admit that it is a bug or if the developer neglect the defect, then the status is updated into “Rejected”
Fixed: When developer make modifications to the code to correct the bug…
Closed/Reopen: When tester tests it again. If the probable result shown up, it is turned into “Closed” and if the problem still exists, it’s “Reopen”

Q. What is deferred status in defect life cycle?
A: — Deferred status means the developer accepted the bug, but it is planned to correct in the next build

Q. What is smoke test?
A; — Testing the application whether it’s performing its fundamental functionality correctly or not, so that the test team can go forward with the application.

Q. Do you use any automation tool for smoke testing?
A: - Absolutely can use.

Q. What is Verification and validation?
A: — Verification is static. No code is executed. Say, analysis of requirements etc. Validation is dynamic. Code is executed with scenarios present in test cases.

Q. Explain test plan and its contents?
A: — Test plan is a document which contains the scope for testing the application and what to be tested, when to be tested and who to test.

Q. Advantages of automation over manual testing?
A: — Time, resource and Money

Q. What is ADhoc testing?
A: — Doing something which is not planned.

Q. What is mean by release notes?
A: — It’s a document released beside the product which give details about the product. It also contains about the bugs that are in deferred status.

Q. Scalability testing comes under in which tool?
A: — Scalability testing comes under performance testing. Load testing, scalability testing both are same.

Q. What is the difference between Bug and Defect?
A: — Bug: Difference from the expected result.

Defect: Problem in algorithm leads to failure.

A Mistake in code is called Error.

Due to Error in coding, test engineers are getting mismatches in application is called defect.

If defect accepted by development team to solve is called Bug.

Q. What is hot fix?
A: — A hot fix is a solitary, collective package that contains one or more files that are used to tackle a problem in a software product. Usually, hot fixes are made to address a exact customer circumstances and may not be spread outside the customer organization.

Bug found at the customer place which has high priority.

Q. What is the difference between functional test cases and compatibility test cases?
A: —In Compatibility we have no Test Cases. Like we are Testing an application in different Hardware and software.

Q. What is Acid Testing??
A: — ACID Means:
ACID testing is related to testing a transaction.

Mostly this will be done database testing.

Q. What is the main use of set up a traceability matrix?
A: — To Cross confirm the ready test cases and test scripts with user requirements.

To observe the changes, enhance occurred during the development of the project.

Traceability matrix is arranged in order to cross check the test cases planned against each requirement, hence giving an prospect to confirm that all the necessities are covered in testing the application.

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