Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Software Testing Interview Question 11

Q Can you provide me the correct answer for Test Bug?

The idea of testing is to expose defects/Bugs. A defect/BUG is a difference from a desired product characteristic. Two categories of defects/Bugs are- Variance from product specifications- Variance from customer/user anticipation.

Q What is the ONE major factor of 'test case'?

Test case hold the elements like; test case no, test case explanation, expected result, actual result, Status, remark. According to me, the one key element is actual result.

Q Cost of cracking a bug from requirements phase to testing phase - boosts slowly, decreases, increases steeply or remains constant?

Cost of solving a bug from requirements phase to testing phase - increases slowly

Q What is Bug Tracking Process, Reporting, Re-testing and Debugging?

First step : Bug finding

Second Step : Bug Reporting

Third Step : Bug De-bugging(fixing)

Fourth Step : Re verification of the reported bug (Regression)

This is the process of Bug cycle

Q What are the management tools we have in testing?

We have management tools like Test Director, Team rack, Rational Clear Quest, Bug Zilla etc.,

Q What are the test cases prepared by the testing team ?

  1. Functional Unit Teset cases (FUT), 2. Integration Test cases (IT), 3. System Test cases (ST), 4. User Inerface Test cases, 5. Validations

Q Can we write Functional test case based on only BRD or only Use case?

We can write down the test cases using the BRD, but we may not obtain the full flow information and exact functionality of the business from BRD. According to me, we can start writing the functional test cases using the BRD, but we cannot baseline the test cases on the basis of BRD.

Q In an application if i press the delete button it should give an error message "Are u sure u want to delete" but the application gives the message as "Are u sure". is it a bug? And if it is how you would rate its severity.

Severity should be minor

Q Best to solve defects - requirements, plan, design, code / testing phase?

Best to solve Defect is Requirement Phase

Q During the start of the project how will the company come to an conclusion that tool is required for testing or not?

There are lots of things which will decide the Automation tool at the time of Project Initialization...1.Requirements2.Project Budget3.Project size4.Head counts5.Time

Q Tell difference between GUI Testing and Black box Testing?

GUI testing fall under black box testing, where we are going to make sure whether the alignments of the objects are placed correctly or not.. like look and feel we can also state that this is cosmetic testing

Black box testing is testing the overall functionality of a system without any collision on the internal code of an application. here you are going to carry out the usability, GUI, functionality, validation, security, system, performance and user acceptance testing.

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