Wednesday, April 8, 2009

QTP Interview Questions 1

"1.What are the Features & Benefits of Quick Test Professional (QTP)?
Operators stand-alone, or integrated into Mercury Business process Testing and Mercury Quality Center.Introduces next generation “Zero-configuration” Keybord Driven testing technologies in QTP 8.0 -allowing for fast test creation, easier.

2.Differences between QTP 6.5 and QTP 8.2 what are extra features in 8.2?
Multimedia Add-In Is not available In QTP 6.5. parameterization Is the extra Feature In QTP 8.2 compared to QTP 6.5.

3.How to handle the exceptions using recovery scenario manager In QTP?
There are 4 trigger events during which a recovery scenario should be activated. They are A pop up window appears in an opened application during the test run. A property of an object changes its state or value.

4.What is the use If Text output value in QTP?
Output values enable to view the values that the application takes during run time.When parameterized, the values change for each iteration. Thus by creating output values, we can capture the values an object in runtime.

5.How to use Object Spy In QTP 8.0?
To view the Run time objects and Test Objects properties and Methods of an object.

6.What Is the extension of the object repository files In QTP?
Two types of Object repository, they are shared repository (extension.tsr) and Action repository (

7.Explain the concept of object repository & how to QTP recognizes objects?
With QTP 8.2, the available QTP plus, setup. It provides Repositories Merge Utility. The Object Repository Merge Utility enables user to merge Object repository files Into a single Object repository file to recognizes a object using properties.

8.What are the properties you would use for identifying a browse & page when using descriptive programming?
For Browser we will have to use title, html id property to identify the browser and web page.

9.What the scripting language you use when you r working with QTP?
QTP supports VB scripting language.

10.Give me an example where you have used a Common Interface In your QTP?
Common Interface appears In the scenario of front end and backend foreign. If you are using oracle as back end and front end as VB or any language then for better compatibility we will go for an interface of which Common interface will be one among those interfaces.

11.Few basic questions on commonly used Excel VBA Functions?
Common functions are: creatinf a sheets and assigning vales to sheets and coloring the cell Auto fit cell setting navigation form link In one cell to other saving.

12.Explain the keyboard create object with an example?
Create object: creates and returns a reference to an dynamic object.
Ex: Ser Excel Sheet = Create object (”Excel.Sheet”).

13. Explain In brief about the QTP AUTOMATION Object model?
To pre configure test setting before executing the QTP test.

14. How to handle dynamic object In QTP?
User GETRO property will handle the run time objects.

15.Where can I find the runtime date table?
In the result window shows a runtime data table. It includes the table shaped icon that display the run time data table - a table that shows the values used to run a test containing data table parameters or the data table output vales retrieved from a test while application execution time


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