Wednesday, April 8, 2009

QTP Interview Questions 2

1. How many tabs are available to view your test in a test pane and what are they?
Two. These are tree and expert.

2. What are the three main stages involved in testing with QTP?
Creating test , running tests , analyzing test.

3. Write a function to capture the pop-ups?
Here I am writing steps handle pop-up exceptions.
1) select the recovery scenario manager
2) press the new scenario
3) click next
4) select the pop up exceptions
5) select the pop window which we want to handle (capture) by clicking the spy button.
6) press next
7) select the specified options like key board or mouse operations press next
select the specified options click default or press enter
9) click next and uncheck add another recovery operation
10) click next and select proceed next step
11) click next and give the scenario name and description
12) click next and select add scenario to current test and add scenario to default settings. Click finish after word save that scenario.

4. What is meant by hot keys?
A hot keys or a combination of keys on a computer board when pressed performs a task. The specific task performed by a particular hot key where is by operating system or application. However , there are commonly _ used hot keys.

5. For a triangle (sum of two sides is greater than or equal to third side ), what is the minimal number of test cases required?
Generally, we will calculate the number of test cases that depends on the particular module and its complexity. Minimum number of test = ( number of outputs) multiply (1.6) ( approx calculation)

6. What are the flaws in water fall module and how overcome it?
Science testing comes at last stage , there are huge chances of defect multiplication, defects will be migrated to every stage wastage of human recourses and time delays are also introduced.

7. How does you test the web link which is changing dynamically?
This could be tested through the automated test tools like Rational Robot and Win Runner .

8. What is system testing ? And what are the different types of tests you perform in system testing?
System testing is a type of block box testing means testing the application. After the integration testing, usually will do testing. Functionality, regression and performance test comes under this.

9. How do we know about the build we are going to test? Where do you see this?
In the test plan we are going to have all details about who should test which test in a team which is given by team leader. According to that the entire group will do their testing.

10. What did you do as a team leader?
The roles of a leader,
1) before the project gets started, will conduct one team meeting and discuss briefly about the upcoming project.
2) will distribute the work among the team members and let them know which part of application they are going to test.

11. What test you perform mostly? Regression or Retesting in your testing process?
Retesting is a repeated execution of the test case which results in a fault, with the aim that fault occurred, Regression testing is the renewed testing of already tested program or part of that modification with the aim that the modified had.

12. With out using GUI map editor can we recognize the application in win runner?
With out using GUI map editor, we can recognize the application objects using a descriptive programming

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