Wednesday, April 8, 2009

QTP Interview Questions 7

"1.How do you test Siebel Application using QTP?
In SWE section you need to add automation enable = True. Under the same time you need to use SWE Cmd = Auto On in the URL.

2. How many types of actions are there in QTP?
QTP supports three types of actions.
1) non re-usable actions
2) re usable actions
3) external actions.

3.How do you data drive an external spreed sheet?
Import from external spreed sheet file by selecting import then from file. Which imports a tabbed text file or a single sheet from an existing Microsoft excel file in to the table. The sheet you import replace all data in a currently selected sheet.

4. I want to open a notepad window without recording a test and I do not want to use system util. run command as well how do I do this?
Another alternative to open a notepad is to use shell object. Check out with the following example.
Dim a
set a = wscript.create object (””) “notepad.exe”.

5. how many types of recording modes in QTP? Describe each type with an example
where we use them?
Three types of recording modes in QTP.

6. How can we do the frame work in QTP?
Depending upon the project and client requirements.

7.Testing > QTP which features of QTP would you like improve? How would you go about implementing it?
We are not implementing any concept in QTP.

8.Explain how would you design the driver code for a keyboard based test script?
Test script prepare in QTP.
Keywords prepare in a excel sheet and objects description prepare in a notepad.

9.What is the file extension of shared object repository?
The shared object repository is .tsr extension.

10. How to handle java tree in QTP?
First of all we need to handle a java add- in to handle a java tree. In tools we have the object identification drop down list. There we have the java option to recognize the objects there select the tree option. Add the properties.

11. How to fetch test data from data base by using QTP?
In order to fetch test data from dat base we have to create a Adodb connection object to connect with data base. The syntax is create object (”Adodb.connectin”).

12. What is the procedure to test flash application using QTP?
Using multimedia add- in support.

13. If a error aoccur during the execution of QTP scropt? How can we handle it?
Using recovery scenario manager.

14. How to merge the object repository files?
Using a repository merge tool. It is available with QT Plus Tool.

15. Can we update the data base through QTP?
Yes. We can


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