Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Placement Paper of ACCENTURE On 18th August

1.Written test + Essay
3.HR interview
4.Tech interview

1.Written Test + Essay
About 900+ students appeared for the test and about 290 cleared the test. The written test was very easy. For the pattern just go thru all the Accenture papers available in this site. it is very very useful had to answer 55 Q in 55 minutes .there is no negative marking. After that we were told to write an essay for 5 minutes, The topic was MY COLLEGE LIFE. Prepare some common topics for essay because there is mark for the essay.

On 25th we had the GD. first we were given the ppt and it takes more than an hour. Listen their ppt carefully because when we go to HR they will ask about Accenture. For the GD they divided the students into groups of 15 each. My topic for the GD was Coeducation. The other topics given were India for the past 60 years, Does the introduction of IT industry is a hindrance to research, End justifies means and Mean justifies end. These 4 topics were repeated for the whole group of students. Try to start the GD. if u start it is half done. After starting just make 2 more entries. That’s more than enough. if u are not able to start then say some points. When you speak be confident and speak loudly. if u didn’t get chance to speak more just give a nice conclusion if u are told to conclude. From a group of 15 they selected 6 or 7. After the GD they will give you a form to fill. They eliminated half of the students in the GD.

3. HR
We had our Hr on HR was a cool and friendly person .I entered the room with permission
me:-Good morning sir
HR:-Hey....good morning ..... What u had for breakfast

HR:-Tell me about your self
HR:-What u know about Accenture
me:-Say their revenue ,no of employees ,ceo ,rank among the companies and all u know about Accenture
HR:-Top 3 IT companies in India
HR:-What is team work?
me:-All the members working together with co-ordination and co-operation to achieve a single goal.
HR:-Do you have any offers?
me:-No sir
me:-I was not prepared
HR:-Do you have any gaps in your studies?
me:-No sir
HR:-Are u sure?
me:-Yes sir
HR:-Ok....r u ready to relocate?
HR:-R u ready to work in nightshifts?
HR:-What would u do if your parents didn’t allow u to work outside?
me:-I m free to decide my career
HR:-What is your father?
HR:-What is your mother?
HR:-Any siblings
me:-Said(if your sis/bro is also a soft pro they will ask y u don’t want to work with their company so prepared with that)
HR:-your GPA?
me:- Said
HR:-Have you done any seminars
me:-I have done one seminar when I was in first semester(always say u have did one ,even u haven’t. just prepare a topic)
HR:-What was it?
me:-As I did in first semester...I don’t remember it sir
HR:-But u should
me:-Then I said what I remember
HR:-Any project or mini project
me:-Said(just prepare your pro/mini pro well)
HR:-What you do in your leisure time
me:-Said(they will ask about it in detail)
HR:- Haveyou ever organized any event in college?
me:-Said(say u have organized even if u haven’t ..just prepare an event for that)
HR:-Thank you can go
me:-Thank you sir....have a nice day
HR:-U too

4.Tech interview
Me:-Good morning sir
Tech:-Good morning. take your seat
Me:-Thank you sir
Tech:-Tell me about your academics
Tech:-Any project or mini project
Me:-Told in detail
Tech:-Y u have less marks in Engineering as compared to 12th and 10th
Me:-Prepare a solid reason for this if u have less marks in Engineering
Tech:-What is your branch?
Tech:-Is this your first interview?
Me:-I wrote the tests of TCS and INFOSYS. But I was not able to clear the tests
Tech:-What is Boyce Codd normal form
Me:-Told the definition
Tech:-I didn’t understand your with a table
Me:-Did(he wil argue with u but make him convinced by saying that u r right)
Tech:-What is 4th normal form
Tech:-Does the above table satisfies 4th NF?
Tech:-What is super key?
Tech:-Which is the primary key in the above table
Tech:-How will u avoid data redundancy in the above table
Me:-Told by showing values in the table...told my point until he is convinced
Tech:-Now convinced and smiled...any Q's?
Me:-No sir....I had a lot of Q's in my mind...but all got cleared in the ppt itself
Tech:-Ok thank you
Me:-Thank you sir ....have a nice day

Many people r eliminated in the tech and there is a 10% elimination in the HR. those who r not placed in your first attempts just don’t give hope.....just do your part and God will do the rest....just believe in your self and work hard......what these Accenture people looking in u is your confidence.....if u r average or above in your communication skill then b confident..........

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