Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SAP Interview Questions Part2

1. Where can I get the mySAP Business Suite on Linux?

You can order the mySAP Business Suite on Linux just like mySAP software on any other platform. If you are a SAP customer already, there will be no additional charges. From Release 4.6 onwards, the mySAP Business Suite on Linux is part of the standard delivery.

2. Where can I get Linux for mySAP Business Suite?

Linux distributors like Debian, Mandrake, Red Hat or SUSE offer Linux together with a set of other software packages, installation routines, documentation and support. Whereas there is a de facto standard for the Linux kernel itself, the distributions differ in other areas, especially in the administration area.

3. Will pricing be changed for mySAP Business Suite on Linux?

Standard pricing for mySAP Business Suite applies also to mySAP Business Suite on Linux.

4. What are the main reasons for SAP customers choosing Linux?

Each SAP customer has a unique set of reasons for running SAP on Linux, depending on the very specific customer’s SAP scenario. Among many reasons customers decide for Linux as the operating system of choice, because they seek increased Flexibility , Scalability with different sized commodity, or even large former Unix or mainframe systems , Freedom of choice for technology vendors , Replacing larger Unix-based SAP servers ,

5. Where do I get support?

Support of SAP solutions on Linux meets the same high standards as for any other platforms. SAP is offering installation and migration tools and paths, and support staff trained for SAP on Linux matters. For porting and highly technical issues, SAP has the SAP LinuxLab, where hardware and software partners are working closely together to “bring you the best SAP on Linux experience”. Standard SAP support covers SAP related problems as on other platforms too. During message processing, if the problem turns out to be caused by a non-SAP part of the installation/system, it might become necessary to envolve further expertise, as of the hardware- or software partner and its support organisation. Therefore it is strongly recommended for SAP customers, running SAP software on the Linux platform, to maintain a support contract for both, hardware and operating system, so a seamless support process chain can be ensured. Support for the operating system can either be covered directly by the vendor itself, like Red Hat or Novell/SUSE, or by a 3rd party company offering equivalent support, like all our Linux hardware partners do in combination with their products. Our Linux hardware and our database partners provide the same degree of support for Linux with their products as they already do for the respective Unix - if the necessary support contracts are given. Red Hat and SUSE offer direct operating system support contracts as well. Please get in contact with your hardware or software vendor for more information. This practice helps all involved parties to solve any possibly arising problem as fast as possible. If the support coverage is incomplete, it can lead to avoidable delayments in problem solving - and please keep in mind: extraordinary expenses by SAP or our partners, caused by missing support coverage, may get billed to the customer afterwards!

6. Which releases of mySAP Business Suite are supported on Linux?

mySAP Business Suite on Linux is generally available for use in a productive environment starting with release 4.0B.

7. Which databases are supported for mySAP Business Suite on Linux?

Supported databases for mySAP Business Suite on Linux are IBM DB2/UDB, Informix, Oracle and SAP DB/MaxDB.

8. Will a customer get support when recompiling the Linux kernel or using 3rd-party software that modifies it?

Usually there should be no need for recompiling the Linux kernel when using SAP software on Linux, since the supported Linux distributors are shipping optimized kernels for the respective hardware architectures with revised and tested drivers. Any modification to the tested environment would furthermore make it nearly impossible for the Linux distributor to track a problem down. The same applies to 3rd party software that modifies the Linux kernel and is distributed only in a closed, binary-only, way. Therefore the following can’t be supported: Recompiling the Linux kernel, with or without source modifications Loading of 3rd party binary Linux kernel modules which have not been shipped by the Linux distributors Loading of any unsupported Linux kernel modules Loading of any closed source drivers drivers

9. Which server configurations of mySAP Business Suite will be supported on Linux?

SAP supports mySAP Business Suite on Linux for database and application servers in homogeneous and heterogeneous environments. Please get in contact with your hardware partner for system sizing and similar.

10. Is Linux supported as a frontend platform?

The “SAPGUI for the Java Environment” can be downloaded from the SAP ftp servers. This project (formerly known as PlatinGUI - platform independent GUI) started in spring 1998 with the following objectives: build one GUI for all platforms (MacOS, Linux, OS/2, Win32, AIX, HP/UX, Solaris, Tru64 …) provide Control-Enabling with Java Beans create a new, flexible GUI-architecture support web browser integration

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