Monday, January 28, 2008

XML Interview Questions

What is StAX?

What is DiffGram?

Briefly discuss the XML support in the .NET Framework.

Does .NET Framework support SAX?

What are XML Data Islands? And what is their application?

Describe the application of OPENXML function in SQL Server 2000.

Is there any way to rapidly turn dispatchable COM object interfaces into the Web service methods?

Does .NET support one-way Web service operations? Does Microsoft SOAP Toolkit support one-way Web service operations?

Does .NET support validating XML documents against DTDs?

Briefly explain the limitations and benefits of applying XSLT transformation on the server versus on the client.

Describe the basic difference between XMLHTTP and ServerXMLHTTP?

What are the core protocols/standards behind XML Web services?

Why the XML Web service is such a hot topic in the industry right now? Is it just some hype, or does it have a real value behind it?

Which is the best API to parse a huge XML document, to get parts of data from the XML document?

What is DOM?

How are DTDs/XML Schemas important while building XML applications?

What is XSLT? And what’s its use?

What is XPath?

Is it possible to have characters from multiple encodings into a single XML document? If yes, how?

Was XML created to replace databases, specifically RDBMS? Or will XML ever replace databases?

What is XHTML?

Was XML created to replace HTML? Or will XML ever replace HTML?

What is the use of Namespaces in XML?

Is it possible to include international character (such as Japanese, or Chinese) characters inside an XML document. If yes, how?

If XML is all about “text” data, is it possible to include binary data (such as an image) in an XML document? If yes, how?

What is W3C and what is its role in the development of XML family of technologies?

What is the difference between well-formed and valid XML document?

What is XML, and why it is gaining such a momentum?

Explain what a DiffGram is, and a good use for one?

Differences Between XML and HTML

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