Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SAP Interview Questions

ABAP Questions:
1.Elementary search helps, Collective search help.
2.Difference between Search Helps and Match Codes
3.Have you created database tables?
4.Difference between client dependent and client independent tables?
5.How to create client independent tables
6.Have you created Maintenance dialog or Table Maintenance?
7.On ABAP: Did you set up a workflow? Are you familiar with all steps for setting up a workflow?
8.Have you used performance tuning? What major steps will you use for these?
9.In the ‘select’ statement what is “group by”?
10.Have you worked with field groups? Have you used Import/Export statements?

ABAP Editor:
1.Fixed point arithmetic – what is the use? How to set this?
2.Have you used client dependent ABAP programs?

Database Commands:
1.Select statement to read data into internal tables. Types of Select statements
2.What happens “Update” command is used without where clause ?
3.Difference between “Insert”, “Update” and “Modify”
4.Explain “Commit” and “Roll back”
5.“Catch” Command
6.What is “Group by” in Select statement?

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