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BPO Interview Questions - Call Center Interview Questions - Call Center Questions

1. What do you mean by the customer care?

Customer Care means taking total care of the Person who visits your shop or Business Place and give her/him the whole information as well tell the feature of that specific product or service. Last but not least her/him feels relaxed by your personal visit and let him go out with complete satisfaction from your place/business.

2. How can you attractive of customer as a customer care


a. Just getting with customer

b. Answer their inquiries in a very respectful way.

3. What do you mean by the self motivation?

Self Motivation means always be in positive feel and thinking BIG, as well by keeping some targets and goals in mind, or by attending some motivational seminars and by reading some good books.

4. Where will you want to see yourself after five years?

I would like to be Successful Team Leader / Manager

5. Speak on your unforgettable or memorable day for 2 minutes?

As per my unforgettable instant had taken place in my college days. I was the captain (or use was the part of the team) of basketball/baseball/cricket team we won all the matches in tournament I got the chance to take part in the national tournament.


As per my unforgettable instant was when I was writing my 10th class final exam that was mathematics I was not on time for that exam and at last every one in the class were attempting objective of the paper and I was still writing my answers then at last ten minutes were left to give the paper I did not started the objective beside me one girl had finished her paper and she was ready to give her paper and i request her to tell me answers and she told me the objectives.

6. Speak on DARK , SUCCESS , SKY

Dark never flourish and at the sunset of evening clouds are darkened........../ Dark is nothing but the dearth of light. So there is a ray/spark of light is sufficient to put back darkness. / Dark means silence

Success is one of the main factors in human life and everyone wants to catch the success, every failure is the stepping stones to the success/ successes means self-satisfaction / Works hard after failure & never stop after success

Sky is on top of our head and stars are flashing in the sky/ sky is not the limit of height/ sky means a lot or no limit

7. What do you mean by BPO and KPO

BPO or BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING means when any company/organization outsource a part of its business procedure..

KPO or KNOWLEDGE PROCESS OUTSOURCING means when a company/organization uses an outside technical service to improve its business performance...

BPO may or may not be technical... but KPO always is...

8. What did you do for the past two months?

For the past two months I am preparing myself for Interviews and also hunting for the job of my type.

9. Being a Engineering/ MCA graduate why you are looking for a call center job

Guys......telling you a top secret ...not at all try to make the interviewer sense that you would use the call centre job to get some certification or any thing that would prompt him to feel that you have an aim of using the job and once you get your certification done you would kick the organization/company....

Do not say "I want to improve my communication skills, technical skills"..

Even though I am an Engineering/ MCA graduate I believe my skills more suitable for the BPO sector. I have a good communication skill that is the basic necessity of this kind of job profile.


It is true, I am a Engineering/ MCA graduate. I am also technically sound to get job in MNC. But I want to come out like a leader for which it is necessary to have good interpersonal as well as communication skills. I will get chance to work with some fine senior which could help me out to convey my ideas and view in logical way. Even I heard that great opportunity to get impart training in institute like IIM as

well as helping out to get some special certification CCNP attract me to getting into call centre


BPO is a fast growing sector. So there are a lot of opportunities for growth...besides, being a fresher. as I have no work experience ... working in a BPO will give me feeling of office environment and help me a lot to learn from my seniors...

10. What is call centre?

The Call Centre is division of an substitute tutoring model for some AU courses. In these courses a student is not limited to tutor

availability, but can talk to a learning facilitator or leave a message 24 hours a day. Academics will return calls to the Centre within 48 hours to answer particular course content questions. The Call

Centre also supports ViTAL (Virtual Teaching and Learning community.)


A telephone based service process being used for direct banking and insurance, ticket sales and customer service processes.


An organization whose major function is to hold phone calls (mainly from business customers) on behalf of one or (usually) several other large organizations. They generally use computer networks to give them way in to that firm's databases, and to keep records of all calls they handle.


A center Made/Prepared to handle a huge volume of telephone calls (particularly for taking orders or serving customers)


A call centre (Commonwealth English) or call center (AmE)is a centralized office of a company that respond to the incoming telephone calls from clients or that makes outgoing telephone calls to clients (telemarketing). Such an office may also answer to letters, faxes, e-mails and similar written communication. However the terms contact

centre (Commonwealth English) or contact center (AmE) is over and over again applied when several functions are blended in one office.


It is a 24*7 hour help desk.

There are two type of processes in call center.

a) Inbound: In Inbound process the customers calls and put forward there queries and we have to revert to them with suitable solution.

b) Outbound: In outbound we have to make calls and give information about our products/services. In short we have to do a telemarketing.

11. Tell me about your self.

I am Sonia. I am pursuing b.a.(Part time) final year from XYZ

University and I have done my computer hardware and networking course from XYZ. Right now I am working in oxford public school as a computer teacher

I am vikas goel. I m 26 yrs old my qualification is, l.l.b. My residence is in keshav puram delhi. My father is Government employee and my mother is house wife. I have one younger brother and one elder sister. My brother is working in Wipro and my sister is doing MBA (HR).

I am Gaurav Gupta. I am from Chandigarh. I have completed my B.Tech Computer Science from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. Coming to my family, my father is a Govt. Employee, mother is house wife and I have one brother, is studying B.Tech (2nd year). I have one year experience in Technical Operations. My hobbies are playing cricket and net surfing.

12. Why do you want to join call center

Business Process Outsourcing in a industry which not only pays in terms of Financial benefit of course gives me and opportunity to be a piece of an team which is of course Global Business , My hard work have always been to be a part of a Global business environment , that’s the

reason I wish to join in a call centre .

Call center jobs are the fresh air of self-dependence for the youth by working here they can simply do there future studies, it’s a job with no age blockade. You can start at any point of your age, it also change you into a matured and professional person

13. Describe yourself?

I am very positive, self motivated person with a craze to work with people. I am fast learner, adoptable and sincere person. I give my best in every work I peruse and do not give up.

I am straight forward person. I take my own decision for every work, and I am very positive attitude, I can work in pressure environment.

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