Tuesday, March 4, 2008

SAP Basics

1. What is your present development going on?
A. Tell the present company what u r working. From how long are you working there
keep in mind the dates better write down separately where have u worked
2. What is your SAP skills?

3. What are your daily activities at your place?
A. We do monitoring for the servers like we go throughout the .codes
SM37 – Simple job selection, ST22 : ABAP dump analysis, SM21 – System Log
SM13 - we will check update status SM12 – Check any Obsolete lock entries
SP01 – Check any spool errors, Db02 – Check any critical table spaces
DB12 – We will check Database logs ST02 – check Tuning summary
ST04 – Check the performance of the Database

4. How do you rate yourself from 1-10?
A. 8 out of 10
5. Can u tell me about R/3 Architecture?
A.1 tier :- all processing jobs are performed on one server
2 tier :- Presentation layer carried on one part and Application and Databse Services are carried
one server
3 tier :- Separate servers are used for 3 tier like we can say using data from database server, several deifferent application servers can operate at the same time
what is u r system configuration?
A.OS – Windows NT-4.0 with Service pack 6a RAM – 2 GB , 1 GB – Network Interface Card
IE 5.0
what u r current patch level? And oracle version?
A Kernel 620 kernel patch number 1090 , Oracle version
what is meant by tablespace?
A. It is a container for database objects such as table and indexes.
what is meant by central instance?
A. It is an R/3 Instance which contains the message service and typically contains all r/3 services
what is meant by checkpoint?
make sure point is an event during which all the modified data block will written to the datafile by the database writer.
What is an extent :
Collection of oracle blocks
What is a segment
A. Collection of extents is a segment
how to create a data file?
A. Alter table table_name add datafile;

What is a Client?
A client is an independently accountable business unit.
Tell me the transaction code for creating an RFC

Local Cleint copy – SCCL Remote Client copy – scc9
how to analyze system logs and dumps? Through SM21 and ST22
Tell me the default users in sap
A. SAP *, DDIC , Earlywatch
what is meant by Data Archiving?
A. Removal of application data from the database is called Data Archiving
how to maintain system profiles?
A. We can edit profiles through RZ10 and maintain through RZ11
How do u maintain and create authorization?
through T.Code PFCG
What is a role?
A role is a container for transactions, reports
How do u create a profile
A. t code : su02
how do u do a transportation
A. Through t .code STMS
How do u create a transport request
A. through the t.code SE01
Can u configure TMS?
Say it is already configured and I can configure
How do u maintain Spool Administration?
through SPAD
What is a Spool Server ?
A. The application server in the r/3 system.
28. Do u take backups at your site ?
A. Yes . I take online daily and offline weekend
What is the dissimilarity between online and offline
Online – Database will be running but still we can take backups
Offline – Database will be down. I mean we shutdown the database through SAPDBA to take offline backup

29. What is kernel upgrade?
A. Process of replacing Operating system file with update versions of the same files
We download from the kernel files
How do u uncar the kernel file
Example : Car –xvf
Tell me the path of kernel files
usr/sap/<>/sys/exe/run in the run folder we have the kernel files

30. What is purpose of support package?
A. purpose is like we can say to fix problems before they become problem
Where do u download the support package files
we apply support patchs by loggin into 000 client as recommended by SAP.

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