Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dot Net Interview Questions - Smart Navigation

Tidy navigation makes web application an actual fantastic and pretty appear that it feels like it is a window application. Now the questions comes in our brain how its makes web application to window application since one of the disadvantage of web application is the http design means when client send some request to server data is post back and data when come back full redrawing of page it takes actually lot of time not just this but also goes top of screen and does not keep focus on same control on before post back.

But in window application client have capability to alter a part or necessary part to be effected with out change in full page. The smart navigation helps web application to redrawing a full page after post back.

But there is some situations that is always there, the internet explorer must be greater then or equal to version 5. There are many states where smart navigation do truly well enough. We can disable/enable the smart navigation as well. We can use several browsers because smart navigation sense it enable on supported browser. There are many additional features that smart navigation has:

• Restrict on screen flash.

• Scroll position remains as it is.

• Focus remains as it is.

• History of last page also maintains.

Smart navigation actually plays well where lot of post back is to be taken. And one more feature that makes it so well-liked is coder not to code too much for that. This is controlled by the “web.config” file and a small thing in page directive.

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