Thursday, March 27, 2008

Call Center Questions-BPO Interview Questions- Call Center Interview Questions

14. Can u stay wakeful in the night?

Your answer should be YES.

15. Do you know how to speak English with American inflection?

Your answer should be YES.

16. Do you have the serenity to pay attention to others' problems?

Your answer should be YES.

17. How to face an angry customer? How to treat with and satisfy them without loosing your anger?

18. Do you have knowledge of computer?

19. Why do you want to join this company?

20. What are your strong and weak points?

21. How many years you will work with us?

22. What you want to become after two years in this company?

23. What do you know about our organization (the employer)?

Do your homework before leaving for interview. If you can’t show that you have carried out some research, you might appear uninterested in the role.

24. What do you know about the position you have applied for?

Before leaving for interview, you should be well-known with the position description or have been briefed by an employment consultant

25. What will you bring to the organization?

One of the serious things in answering questions about strengths, or what you will bring to the role, is to show what you have brought to earlier roles or achievements in your personal life. Responding by using examples is a lot easier than simply running off a list of qualities.

26. What are your career goals?

Your answer should be positive, but keep away from going into too much detail.

27. Why did you put down your last job/ Why are you looking to leave your current job?

Avoid paying out on your last/current employer or colleagues. In its place, stress that it was/is your choice to leave and you did so/doing so, to move on.

28. How do you keep up-to-date with new developments in the industry?

Membership of specialized associations, reading reports in the newspaper of high-quality publications and networking, are a few of the clear responses. If you want to make an impression, back up your answer with a comment on a current industry development that might be considered relevant to the role.

29. How do you handle or resolve a difficult situation in a preceding role?

The interviewer is looking for a clue that how you might frequently react to either a clash situation or simply how you act under pressure. Get ready some examples of a tough situation at work or even in your personal life, stating the problem, the solution and what you achieved from the experience. Concentrate on positive result that gives an indication of your skill to listen and communicate with people

30. Do you have any questions?

It’s OK to have a few ready questions written down. Refer to them, although keep away from questions that may have been covered throughout the interview. Maintain the list short, but use the chance to ask questions which you would like answered.

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