Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dot Net Interview Questions- FAQ

Microsoft .net is a platform that’s helps us to develop application/software for different environments and for different devices. We can make xml web services, web application and desktop applications for environment such as the internet & desktop use. We can also make window-based application, server mechanism and application that run on devices just like for PC and mobiles.

The quality that’s make .NET so well-liked is swap of data between two application written in dissimilar languages and for different environments. XML web services helps to exchange data. One more options here in .net is remoting which help us swap of data between two computes using binary or HTTP protocols. These all rotates on web protocols.

The one of main module in .net framework is CLR. It supply run time environment and a variety of services to our applications. There are a range of components in CLR too. This module provides runtime environment and infrastructure to our applications.

Some brief works of CLR components are:

• Class Loader: It loads classes at runtime;

• MSIL: It converts msil code to native code.

• Code Manager: It manages code during executions.

• Garbage Collector: Automatic memory management.

• Security Engine: Security restriction and performance.

• Type Checker: Helps in strict type checking.

• Thread Support: Multithreading supports to applications.

• Exception Manager: Handle runtime exceptions;

• Debug Engine: Debug environment different types of applications.

• Com Narrations: Data Exchange with COM application;

• Base Library Supports: Provides types for applications.

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